Holiday Cheer

A Starbucks Coffee Shop in a Courtyard
Beans and Brews Just Steps Away
There's a Starbucks coffee shop I pass each day on my morning walk to the office.  The lights on the trees nearby bring a smile to my face.  This has been a good year, and for what I haven't got there's an armload of gifts that have been with me on this life journey.

The Inside of a Starbucks Coffee Shop in Downtown San Francisco
Step Up to the Bar
I got my first sip of the signature Christmas blend coffee at Starbucks.  I'm glad I acquired the treat of plain coffee.  Some say it's bitter.  It's not.

I like the idea of a seasonal variety because it leaves you always looking forward to the next time.  It's like that with cherry blossoms in bloom.  They're so beautiful but fragile and temporary at the same time.  The first rains and winds of spring knock them loose from the branches and then they're gone, until the next spring comes along.

There are many things that are certain.  It's only a matter of waiting long enough for them to return.  For that many understand the feelings of a joyous reunion and what it means in a universal sense.

Cycles and circles keep me spinning with anticipation.  Christmas is here again.  What have you given?  Let's find out!  Under a tree in the middle of a forest of concrete, I ponder and take myself another sip of spicy, smoky, dark brew.  I know, it's cool.

Starbucks Coffee During the Holidays with a Gift Card
A Warm Brew and a Gift
Happy holidays to all my readers.  Even in the cold of winter, look for the blossoms that have continued to return faithfully to your life, and smile.


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