A Cup of Christmas and Holiday Cheer

This one goes out to our seasonal coffee fans (apologies for the tardiness!)  Earlier this month, I got a package of Starbuck's Christmas Blend.  It was priced slightly less than two or three grande-sized cappucinos so if you have a coffee machine, this coffee buy was a reasonable value.

A photo of a bag of Christmas blend beans and a mug of coffee brewed from them.
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas... blend.

I was apprehensive with its description: "with spicy notes".  I'm used to specially packaged surprises left under the tree and not in the coffee break room.  Well, it was delightful.  The spicy flavor must have been the cinnamon, nutmeg and cardamon variety because it was far from a mouthful of hot-sauce.  "Spicy" means smothering the beans in other flavors during the roasting process.  Did you give this coffee as a gift to yourself or to others this year?  How was it?

A toast to friends, one and all.  May this find you in good health this holiday season.

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