A Cup of Tea for You and Mister Lee

An Exception for the Common Coffee Story:

So I'm browsing the soft drink line up at the local gas station after work.  Since I gave up drinking soda pop I've been struggling the gauntlet of sugary, caffeinated beverages stocked in rank and file in their open shelves.  I notice a soft drink (a bottled, iced tea beverage) branded with the name of a a memorable figure from the martial arts world:

The Bruce-Tea Experience
It's not Just for Thirst; it's an Ethos[*] in a bottle.

What a neat surprise!  Although a bottle of "Bruce Tea" cost a few times more than the other tea/soft-drink formulated beverages, the back label of the bottle explains the formula/recipe and the purpose of its ingredients.  Even the higher product cost is explained by the purpose of its sale:  the benefit of students through an education foundation managed by the Bruce Lee estate. 

[*] Actually, ETHOS is also a trade marked name owned by an organization that sells bottled water for a slightly higher price to offset its support for fresh drinking water supply programs in other developing nations in the world.

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