A Cuppa Pike's

Sip in quiet Sunday.
Sip in a Quiet Sunday

It was an afternoon like any other, only being hundreds of miles away from home.  I was on a stopover from my southbound journey by train, and it would be an overnight or more before I continued onward.

The hostel where I stayed was packed.  Backpackers travelling through this waterfront metro busily wandered about our floor preparing for an evening of sight seeing.  I found a flyer in the lobby downstairs that caught my attention.  A quick phone call and a reservation had me set for a special night on the water, for one.

Vancouver had been a wonderful one, laden with clean air and more waterfront views.  I told her it was so much like San Francisco, only cleaner and with less people.  We laughed about the locals and their accents, until I remindered here that people could pronounce their "r's" more easily than she.  In the silence I couldn't tell if it was annoyance or brooding embarrassment.  No worries, I could understand just as well, love, listens intently, no matter.

The market was a busy place.  It was just around the corner and up a steep hill from the hostel.  The weekday workers busily went about for their evening fare.  A broiled salmon and fresh vegetables would perhaps go well with a local bottle of wine.  Flushed from the walk, I step up to the walk where the vendors and sales of things fresh and delightful.  For sure, I would pass here on my last day in town for something to eat, and something to share for my reception back home.

Laughter exploded from the fish counter to my left.  Curious, I enjoyed the display of showmanship from the fishmongers behind their counter.  To pass their workday faster, they learned themselves to toss and catch their catch as fast as fast can go.  Take caution, low flying fish, my dears.

A tug at my arm at the table.  Is it that time to go, I thought lost in thought.  An appointment awaited and errands to be done.  A half cup full still, enough for the ride home.

Photo Credits

[1]:  A Corner Seat;  Photographer:  Rich Pascual, Location:  Downtown Pleasanton, California 

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