A Chance Meeting

Troubles are brewing.
Katydid you get over that bout of envy?
She looked up from her volume, a testament to her bookish obsession with the Savior.
It never crossed my mind.  Envy?  What are your thoughts on the NIV? Changing the subject.
My loyalty goes to God almighty and the King James.
Jes' shuttup Kendrick, nobody asked your opinion.
The few the proud.  I surrender.  I may be in the minority here.  Chuckling
Gah, he's so men tal about principles.
I'd be the first to tell you that.
So matchmaker, what'll it be today?
Look at that couple in the far corner.  She's obviously flirting.
True. But you could be wrong.
The analysis?
He's looking distracted.
Shut up Ken.
Jess sayin'.  Your witness?
Odd that you would say that.
A tourney of fates.
Let's see how this unfolds.
Ay love
Is it the magic pill?
Will you still love me til the morrow?
For without I bid thee and within I regret the parting, sweetly, swallowing hole the core the last of my world.
She stands, pauses then exits.
Bye the bye she finally bade bye bye.
At last
And what shall we do now sly cat for whom now missed?
you've red the code of my mind and it's under spell. Ed? Well hello there.
Your name? NO.
Crash and burn.  My goose has been cooked.  Did we ever,
The truth?
Handle please.
I can't.  Pass please.
I'm in.
You had me at hello.

Orders sir?
Let's get to work.  We've dallied enough.

We have a few players here in the cafĂ©.  Kat and her girlfriend reluctantly let Kendrick join them at their table.  Light and casual Book talk follows to the mellow strumming of a guitarist in a far corner.  Attention turns, and a glowing couple bubble away with laughter and flirting, or so it seems.  I turn away long enough from my eaves to drop down at the terminal and run the routines.  A thoughtful sip as the music fades.  Roll credits.

  1. Movie References:  Top Gun, A Few Good Men, Minority Report, Jerry Maguire
  2. Interwoven Style:  Shakespearean Lingo
  3. Missing Name References
    1. Tom Cruz, aka Maverick, Jerry, Lt. Caffee
    2. Anthony Edwards, aka Goose
    3. Taylor Swift, as herself
    4. Meghan Traynor, as herself
  4. Supporting Players:  Keifer Sutherland (Lt. Kendrick), Jack Nicholson (Col. Jessup)
  5. Music Credit:  Kissing a Fool, a cover of a cover by Mike TG
  6. #brewlog:  Starbucks Veranda Blend, aka Blonde Roast  

Authors Notes:  I wrote this as a mashup of American pop culture.  The dialogue enjoys playful turns of phrase that may make you chuckle and smile.  Musical features are the soundtrack that is paired with the setting.  The reading is best done with the music in the background.  There are more you may find, to your liking as each line is intended for you to take a double-take.

An encore, you say?
Another hidden but related reference:  Legally Blonde, Reese Witherspoon

Disclaimer:  Product placement was completely intentional but not sponsored (nor desired so).  I still prefer to pay for my own coffee.

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